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Community Partners

As a community-based program, we highly value our partnerships and appreciate the open-armed welcome that's fully embraced us. These partnerships help perpetuate our mission to promote socially-equitable opportunities & accepting environments for all.


Thank you, community partners! We are so grateful for you. 

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ABC is a community-run bookstore that "promotes literacy, culture, cooperative economics, racial and social justice, supports local artists, and provides ways for people to connect to each other through events, clubs, and activities." 

ABC is a volunteer & community run bookstore, as well as the welcoming home-base for Blue Dot. We have our home office located here and host unique social groups open to the general public including, but not limited to topic areas such as: brain health, podcasting, volunteer group, social health, and more. 

The Monmouth University OTD program has supported the Blue Dot mission from the start! Their fieldwork students will be providing meaningful & functional programming & naturally expanding our peer network to increase opportunity for positive social interactions.

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"Porta is a stand for going after what you want in life with velocity, gratitude, and lightness." They absolutely live up to their word as they've embraced the blue dot community with open arms. On a weekly basis, Porta offers access to space for us to use for group activities, really helping us to achieve our goals of community inclusion.


They also chose us as the recipients for their "Cocktail for a Cause" initiative in July 2023, helping to support our program and spread awareness to the greater community. We are so appreciative of their generosity and look forward to a prosperous friendship with the Porta community. Not to mention, both their food and atmosphere make it so we never want to leave! 

Pat's 30 Acres is a beautiful, outdoor venue located in Wall, NJ. "Hard work and dedication from its members is what keeps Pats 30 Acres still operating." Pat's 30 Acres shares their space with our community on a weekly basis, allowing us the opportunity to host social gatherings in a unique and special setting. We hope to help contribute to the sanctity of this property with our dedication to community service. 

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The Ocean Avenue Stompers are local brass band filled with spirit and soul, providing their audiences with "a truly unique experience at every performance." They've shown the blue dot community unconditional support from the start and are gracious in coming up with creative ways to welcome and include us in the Asbury Park community. 

The Virginia A. Cory Community Garden is run by "group of citizens who work together to create a successful garden and improve their community. The garden provides the opportunity for participants to grow their own produce, following organic practices, and donate produce to local organizations for individuals in need." We are so grateful to be part of the "group of citizens" who help with this mission. This connection allows our community to both connect with nature and one another. 

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The Center

The Center in Asbury Park, Inc., is not-for-profit service organization, located in Asbury Park, NJ, providing support services for people living with HIV/AIDS as well as their caregivers. This organizations offers a safe haven, instilling  community and stability as well as permanent, supportive housing for individuals living with HIV/AIDS. The Blue Dot community helps deliver fresh produce, that we harvest at the Monmouth University Community Garden, to The Center and we look forward to supporting this organization and their mission in other ways as well.   

Mary's Place by the Sea is an organization in Ocean Grove, NJ dedicated to "supporting women with cancer through integrative services which complement their medical treatment and empower, educate and support their healing: mind, body and soul."

Spreading joy is one of our priorities, so we have connected with local brides, grooms, and florists to sustainably repurpose floral arrangements and deliver them to organizations such as Mary's Place by the Sea. We hope that delivering a little bit of color + a lot of love, joy, and kindness can help brighten a moment or day. 

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Destination Asbury Boutique is a mother-daughter owned local shop that feels like a warm hug when you walk in. Greeted by the charming mother-daughter duo and their lovely team, you immediately feel welcome. Not to mention, their clothing and accessories are the best mix of high quality, funky, and on-trend.


They are situated right on Cookman Ave, directly next door to us at the Asbury Book Cooperative. We've held our first annual collaborative and inclusive fashion show, where our community members got to wear the newest styles, strut down the runway with confidence, and be celebrated by the community that gathered in support. We are so happy to have such supportive neighbors and are excited to be on this journey of small, women-owned business with our friends at Destination Asbury! Read more about our collaboration here!

If you haven't tried Cookman Creamery in Asbury Park yet, you need to get over there! The lines out the door are not only worth the short wait, but also a testament to their delicious ice cream offerings and the staple they are in the community. 

In our first summer as Asbury locals, Cookman Creamery developed an ice cream flavor for us: "Blue Butterfly for Blue Dot" in order to help spread awareness about our services and offerings. Delicious ice cream, and an even sweeter team. 


Blue Dot volunteers at JFCS Food Pantry weekly where we help pack over 300 food bags for families in Asbury Park. Together, each week they provide enough food for 6-8 meals for a family of four. Their goal is to provide the healthiest and most sustainable food possible for the less fortunate in the community, emphasizing, “Quality for ALL.” Blue Dot was honored as “volunteers of the year” in 2023 and we are so grateful for this valuable partnership.

Kula Farm provides on-site job training, educational programs, workshops, farm to table dinners and free, fresh produce to neighbors in need. They also transform vacant lots into community gardens and manage a hydroponic greenhouse. Produce is sold to the public as well as to local restaurants such as White Chapel Projects, Cardinal, Watermark, Barrio Costero, Reyla, The Grand Tavern, Pulp, Medusa,  and Pasta Volo.  Blue dot volunteers at Kula Farm weekly to help promote their mission of nutrition, community gardening, wellness and education, while learning valuable, functional job skills.

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Natural gemstones, woods, and crystals have always lifted Shayna’s spirits.  She realized early on that when you do what you love, when you envision, create, and share your work with people, the energy is contagious. Just like blue dot, bringing happiness to others has always been so important.  People are used to mass produced products, but when you create something with your hands it's made with love and care and it is just special!  Blue dot and Arm Vibes Bracelet Bar have teamed up for the Holidays to create bracelets and spread joy to the local community with messages of encouragement, love and kindness.  

Kristina is the owner and founder of KASED Clothing. KASED stands for K-reative, A-thletic – S-uccessful E-mpowered D-auntless, and that is how she wants every woman to feel when they put on these clothes. She always had a love for fashion and online shopping, but she first came up with the idea for KASED after having three knee surgeries. Feeling frustrated with no longer being able to wear heels all the time, she wanted to design clothes that were fashionable yet comfortable. Blue dot and Kased recently teamed up for a photo shoot as we modeled her beautiful clothing and accessories promoting our mission to bridge the gap and celebrate all of our uniqueness!

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