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Blue Dot Experiences Compassion Cafe

Hi Everyone, Vic & Lexi here, we wanted to tell you about our recent visit to Long Beach Island where we had breakfast at The Compassion Cafe! This unique cafe located at the Sea Shell in Beach Haven employs over 70+ individuals with special needs and it is run by a lot of volunteers. It is their third year open. We were greeted with smiles and the joy was contagious. It was a friendly and beachy atmosphere and everyone had a role. After we ordered and paid for our coffee, crumb cake, and yogurt under the tiki, we were approached by A (initial used for privacy!). A is a young man who explained he operates his wheelchair by moving his head. He also explained his job is to interview the customers calling it “shooting the breeze with A”, that he gathers to include into their newsletter. We sat and chatted with A, exchanging information, laughing and making a new friend!

Blue Dot is excited to hear about this employment opportunity for adults with disabilities. In addition to Compassion Cafe, there is also the Circle of Friends Cafe in Belmar, Kindness Cafe in Manasquan, Sorriso Kitchen in Chatham, and No Limits Cafe in Middletown all sharing a similar mission and changing statistics and increasing opportunities for employment for people with disabilities.

Compassion Cafe’s mission is to provide meaningful employment and job training for adolescents and adults with disabilities - Go check them out for a special breakfast experience! They are open Monday -Thursday 7:00am - 11:00am through September 14th located Oceanfront at Centre Street.

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