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Help Spread Blue Dot’s Mission - Your support means the world to us!

Hi everyone! It’s Lexi and Vic the OGs of Blue Dot writing to you on our blog. Here at Blue Dot we offer a lot of services to our community members including a

full day program which involves programs on wellness and brain health.

We also volunteer in the local community of Asbury Park and Monmouth County. Some of our local partners include The Asbury Book Cooperative, The Jewish Family & Children Resource Center in Asbury Park, The Center in Asbury Park, Virginia A. Cory Garden at Monmouth University and the list is growing. Volunteering provides us with personal benefits including social, emotional, and physical perks while we give back.

Our Blue Dot community members all have a budget through the state of New Jersey. Blue Dot is an approved provider through the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (known as DDD), individuals 21 and over can access their DDD budget to attend Blue Dot and receive services and therapies that will help them. If you have any questions about DDD you should reach out to the Blue Dot team for help, we can help you!

We hope you can help us to keep Blue Dot going as we are already doing so much for the community and need support to keep going! You can become a Social Sponsor for us if you are able to and want to help us. As a Social Sponsor, your support will go directly towards bettering our program. Thank you for the support!


Lexi and Vic


There are 4 Ways to support Blue Dot:

Click here to become a social sponsor!

Venmo us any amount that works for you: @blue_dot_community (business)

Click here to Buy Blue Dot Merch on Bonfire!

Please send to others who may want to share & support in Blue Dot's mission


With JOY!

Lexi, Vic, and The Blue Dot Community

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