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Community-connection project at the Jersey Shore promoting

physical, cognitive, & social health for adults with & without neuro & developmental disabilities.  

Approved NJ DDD Provider

About us.

Blue Dot: Social & Community Wellness is a community-based program, with a home base in Monmouth County NJ, primarily serving adults (21+).


We are an approved provider through the NJ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) for a variety of therapeutic/community services. We serve the general public and additionally provide services through various sources to a wide range of demographics including, but not limited to, individuals with: developmental and intellectual disabilities, mental health indicators, acquired brain injuries, executive dysfunction, and dementia.

We are proud and grateful to serve the community as a whole. Blue Dot: Social & Community Wellness is dedicated to promoting inclusion and mental wellness while giving back to the local community and environment. 


Services and events are designed around meaning, connection and inclusion. We utilize interdisciplinary services, immersive social opportunities, and meaningful community roles in order to address individualized goals as well as enhance sense of purpose, happiness, and quality of life. 

Services & Events.


Community Impact. 

Learn about our community partners as well as the social and environmental initiatives we are committed to! 


Social Sponsorship Program.

Businesses, individuals or families can become Social Sponsors and support our program by selecting an annual amount to go 

directly towards program expenses in order to maximize quality services and experiences. 

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All support from our community is deeply valued and highly impactful.

Support (& rep) our Community!

All apparel represents our shared world on the blue dot. Each purchase directly supports the program, shares our mission and expands our community. 

More styles and colors available ! 

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