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Full-Time Community Opportunity

We offer full-time, immersive opportunities to promote social health and overall wellness. Program runs full year, Tuesday-Friday, 8am-2pm.

*DDD & additional source options*

This program is developed and lead by an interdisciplinary and experienced team, including a special educator, behavioral therapist, and occupational therapist. Our home-base office is located within the Asbury Book Cooperative (ABC), located on lively Cookman Avenue of Asbury Park.

Sample schedule:

8am-11am: Community Wellness Project

  • Takes place within the Asbury Book Cooperative

  • Promote membership and inclusion within the community through engagement in a community-based wellness program

  • The highly trained interdisciplinary team will teach skills such as, leveraging strengths, will-power and self regulation, fostering healthy relationships, effective communication, emotional regulation, resiliency, stress management, mindfulness training, and executive functioning skills, and more

  • The acquisition of self-improvement tools will aid one to boost self esteem, create healthy habits, and overall quality of life

  • Open to the general public

11am-2pm: Community Inclusion

  • Dynamic group experience embedded within the local community

  • Engagement in meaningful activities including volunteering, physical wellness, social participation

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