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First Annual Joy Festival

A little late to this post but not any less special !! The first annual Blue Dot Joy Festival still has our hearts permanently beaming.  The community showed UP on 9/19/23!  We had over 300 people living out our mission, right in front of our eyes.  Many smiles and also many tears (of joy of course!)  Collectively, we are all making this blue dot, the place we all call home, to be a more loving, accepting and inclusive place.  

Overflowing with gratitude for Pat’s 30 Acres for so graciously hosting us not only last night, but also for our weekly social groups throughout the Spring & Summer.

Our talented musical angels shared their music, love, and, SO graciously, their time with us. Musical guests that performed their magic:

Bone and Marrow - Jenny Sanatamaria & Daimon Alexandrius

Padraic’s Joy - Jules Murtha

The Foes of Fern - Matt Fernicola  

Xerri Music - Anthony Xerri

James McCafrrey

Our lovely vendors provided fun, exciting festival activities including:

Kyla Lamb - Belly beads

Shayna - Arm vibe bracelet bar 

Peri Markoff -  A collaborative Art Collage 

Torey Lambusta - Beautiful face painting

Kate Walsh & Karen Koeing - Make your own fairy head crowns 

Delicious Food trucks provided by No Limits Cafe and The Baked Bear!! 

The support from our friends, families, neighbors and strangers is absolutely overwhelming in the very best way. Because of all of you, our first annual JOY FEST happened and we are all forever better for it!  Please know how thankful we are for each and every one of you and can’t wait to see you next year! 


The Blue Dot Team

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