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Watch us Bloom!

Blue Dot is thrilled to be a part of the Virginia A. Cory Community Garden at Monmouth University. We not only have our own plot, where we grow our own vegetables & herbs, but we also volunteer and help water, harvest, weed, and weigh veggies. The best part is transporting the fresh produce to local places that need it, like The Center and St. Luke’s Methodist Church pantry! They are so grateful when we bring in a haul. We also love to use the fresh produce to cook dinner for our ECO (Engaging Connections Outdoors) Team on Tuesday Nights for our Social Supper Club.

“We plan our menu around the fresh vegetables, one of our favorites to make is sweet potato fries” said Lexi.

To date, the members of the community garden have harvested over 1600 lbs this season! We are so proud to be a part of this sustainable community.

Teresa Maltz, the Garden Coordinator, at The Virginia A. Cory Community Garden at Monmouth University coordinates people who work together to create a successful garden and improve their community. The garden provides the opportunity for participants to grow their own produce, following organic practices, and donate produce to local organizations for individuals in need. The garden provides educational opportunities for all ages to learn about gardening, sustainability and wellness. It also serves as a resource f

or the University for student learning. “Teresa is a sweetheart and helps us when we’re in the garden. She even made us zucchini bread, that was delicious!” Dan reported.

Blue Dot has friends that have garden plots there too, our musician friend, Charlie Paterno had a 12 foot tomato plant! Lexi says, “it’s nice to help other people and water their gardens when they need it, and they do the same for us.” Dan commented, “that’s

what it’s all about, community helping each other out.” We also chat with other growers and talk about organic gardening techniques, recipes, nutrition, wellness, the weather and engage in everyday topics.

Lexi said her favorite vegetable we grow is squash and Dan’s favorite is the jalapeno peppers, he loves them in the chill to give it a good, spicy kick!

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1 Comment

Teresa Maltz
Teresa Maltz
Sep 19, 2023

We love having Blue Dot at the garden!! 😍

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