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Grateful for a Good Fit

Hi! I’ve been going to Blue Dot for about two months now. My family and I heard about Blue Dot and all of the awesome things they do, and thought it would be a good fit. On my first day, I felt a little nervous and shy, but then after I met the group I felt happy and comfortable. 

So far, I have had some really cool experiences with Blue Dot. I have met some great friends here that make me feel welcomed and part of the crew. I have had the opportunity to go to Monmouth University Graduate Center and work with the Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology students. Some of the activities we have done there include dance classes, cooking classes, painting, and playing some group games. This experience allowed me to get out of my comfort zone, and meet new people, which can sometimes be hard for me. 

I enjoy going into the community to meet friends and lend a helping hand. Some of my favorite things to do is to walk in Asbury Park and Ocean Grove and connect with local businesses. Kased Clothing is a local clothing store that invited us to model for their fall photoshoot. I really loved this experience because the owner and photographer were so excited to have us there. We got to take pictures in the Convention Center, the AP Boardwalk, and the park. I also enjoy supporting other local businesses that we have created a relationship with, like Destination Asbury and the Art of the Bean and Leaf. 

I am so grateful to have found Blue Dot because it has given me the chance to meet new friends and find activities that I enjoy!

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