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The Best Feeling in the World

By Dan

Hi I’m Dan and I started Blue Dot one month ago. Before I came to Blue Dot I was at home. I was bored and looking for something to do. I currently live in a residential setting with three other guys, but I was feeling like I wanted more in my life.

When Ms. Fran told me about Blue Dot I liked it. She said she would help me set up the interview. At the interview, I was comfortable and met really nice people. They told me about all the cool things they do at Blue Dot like volunteering, job sampling, social links, community outreach and highlighting healthy habits. When I heard all of this, I really wanted to give Blue Dot a try. I’ve had different jobs before at grocery stores like Acme and restaurants like Ruby Tuesdays but it wasn’t a good fit for me and didn’t really work out.

Here I am now, a month later and I am a part of the Blue Dot community. I feel connected. I help others. I am a good listener. I am more active. I feel like I have purpose. I am making new friends and I am learning new skills and gaining real life experiences!

My favorite part is coming everyday and seeing my new network of friends and interacting with the Asbury Park community. Some exciting new things I have done so far that I have never done before are go to Bellworks in Holdmel to be interviewed for a podcast and I even got to be a model in the Blue Dot Fashion Show with Destination Asbury Boutique! I also get to volunteer regularly at the Jewish Family & Children Service of Monmouth County and pack food bags for those less fortunate. They are so appreciative of our help. All of these new experiences at Blue Dot make me feel accomplished and that’s the best feeling in the world!

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